IEEE Circuits and Systems Society
Fukuoka Chapter

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Chair Person: ––‹g •q‘¥ ŒF–{‘åŠw
E-mail: sueyoshi at cs dot kumamoto-u dot ac dot jp
Vice Chair Person: –Ø‘º W“ñ ‘ˆî“c‘åŠw
E-mail: shinji_kimura at waseda dot jp
Secretary/Treasurer: ’†• ”ÉŽõ –k‹ãBŽs—§‘åŠw
E-mail: nakatake at kitakyu-u dot ac dot jp


2012”N Šˆ“®•ñ


ŠJÃêŠ ‘ˆî“c‘åŠw‘åŠw‰@î•ñ¶ŽYƒVƒXƒeƒ€Œ¤‹†‰È
“ú’ö 2012”N2ŒŽ13“ú
ŽQ‰ÁŽÒ 23–¼

‹¦Ž^F3ŒŽ8-9“úA SASIMI 2013 iThe Workshopon Syntheis And System Integration of Mixed Information Technologies)

ŠJÃêŠ •Ê•{ƒr[ƒRƒ“ƒvƒ‰ƒU
“ú’ö 2012”N3ŒŽ8`9“ú
”­•\Œ” Šî’²Eµ‘ҍu‰‰ 5ŒAƒ|ƒXƒ^[ 106Œ
ŽQ‰ÁŽÒ 204–¼

‹¦Ž^F3ŒŽ8-9“úA ‰Î‚̍‘ƒVƒ“ƒ|ƒWƒEƒ€ 2013 iŽåÃFî•ñˆ—Šw‰ï)

ŠJÃêŠ ‹ãBH‹Æ‘åŠw
“ú’ö 2012”N3ŒŽ15`16“ú
”­•\Œ” Šî’²Eµ‘ҍu‰‰ 1ŒAˆê”Ê”­•\ 73Œ
ŽQ‰ÁŽÒ 74–¼

ŽåÃ: 3ŒŽ19“ú, ‹Zpu‰‰

‘è–Ú ˆäã‚Gæ¶ÅIu‹`
u‰‰ŽÒr ˆäã‚G‹³Žö (ŒF–{‘åŠw)
êŠ ŒF–{‘åŠw
“ú’ö 2012”N3ŒŽ13“ú
ŽQ‰ÁŽÒ 88–¼


êŠ ŒF–{‘åŠw
“ú’ö 2012”N9ŒŽ20`26“ú
ƒvƒƒOƒ‰ƒ€ 16 u‰‰
ŽQ‰ÁŽÒ 67`111–¼/u‰‰

‹¦Ž^F 11ŒŽ26`28“úAƒfƒUƒCƒ“ƒKƒCƒA i‹¤ÃF“dŽqî•ñ’ʐMŠw‰ïVLD, CPM, ICD, CPSY, DC, RECONFAî•ñˆ—Šw‰ïSLDMj

ŠJÃêŠ ‹ãB‘åŠwˆãŠw•”•S”Nu“°
“ú’ö 2011”N11ŒŽ26`28“ú
”­•\Œ” ˆê”ʍu‰‰ 70ŒAµ‘ҍu‰‰ 10ŒAƒ|ƒXƒ^[30Œ
ŽQ‰ÁŽÒ 350–¼

‹¦Ž^F 12ŒŽ14“úA‹ãBFPGAƒJƒ“ƒtƒ@ƒŒƒ“ƒX iŽåÃF“Á’è”ñ‰c—˜Šˆ“®–@l FPGAƒRƒ“ƒ\[ƒVƒAƒ€j

ŠJÃêŠ •Ÿ‰ªƒVƒXƒeƒ€LSI‘‡ŠJ”­ƒZƒ“ƒ^[
“ú’ö 2012”N12ŒŽ14“ú
”­•\Œ” µ‘ҍu‰‰ 2ŒAƒpƒlƒ‹ 1Œ
ŽQ‰ÁŽÒ 100–¼


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