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Officers 2010

Chair Person: Yasuaki Inoue Waseda University
E-mail: inoue_yasuaki at waseda dot jp
Vice Chair Person: Toshinori Sueyoshi Kumamoto University
E-mail: sueyoshi at cs dot kumamoto-u dot ac dot jp
Secretary/Treasurer: Shigetoshi Nakatake The University of Kitakyushu
E-mail: nakatake at env dot kitakyu-u dot ac dot jp

Last Update: November 29, 2011

2010 Activity Plans

Activity Reports

September 10, 11, Young Researchers' seminar(sponsor IPSJ Kyushu section)

Place Romanesque Resort Kikunan
Date September 10-11, 2010
Attendees 22

Co-sponsor: September 21, Technical Meeting(Sponsor: Kumamoto University)

1. Title Advance iagnostic imaging units
Presenter Dr. Norio Mizuuchi (Siemens Japan)
2. Title Perspective of near-infrared spectroscopy to optical topography
Presenter Dr. Atsushi Maki (Hitachi)
3. Title The third wave of global standards: safety unit design by function safety technology
Presenter Dr. Takanori Takei (Fujitsu Electronics)
Place Kumamoto University
Date September 21, 2010
Attendees 162

Sponsor: November 18, Technical Meeting

Title Circuit Technologies for low-voltage and high-quality ADC on nanometer technologies
Presenter Dr. Kunihiko Gotoh (Fujitsu labratory)
Title Advanced pipe-line ADCs
Presenter Dr. Hiroshi Ando (Hiroshima University)
Place The University of Kitakyushu
Date November 18, 2010
Attendees 21

Sponsor: December 22, Technical Meeting

Title Interconnect Synthesis for Nanometer VLSI Design
Presenter Prof. Shiyan Hu (Michigan Technological University)
Title Structured Analog Circuit Design and MOS Transistor Decomposition
Presenter Dr. Bo Yang (University of Kitakyushu)
Place The University of Kitakyushu
Date December 22, 2010
Attendees 30

Co-sponsors: November 29-30, December 1、Design Gaia (IEICE/VLD, CPM, ICD, CPSY, DC, RECONF, IPSJ/SLDM)

Place Kyushu University
Date November 29-30, December 1
Program General papers 59, Invited papers 9、poster papers 19
Attendees 276

Co-sponsor: December 17, Kyushu FPGA Conference (Sponsor: NPO FPGA Consortium)

Place ACROS Fukuoka
Date December 17, 2010
Program General papers 2, Seminar 6, Panel 1
Attendees 150

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